Technique to enter micro-eddies

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I need some good technique suggestions how to enter micro eddies. Can anyone help?

rod's picture

My thanks to Boyd, Robin, Ryan, Ali & Sam. Each of you has made very relevant points which I have been trying out. I paddle a Mamba, the stern edges are not sharp, so I am now driving harder to the eddy line.Tried introducing a dufeck style stroke, but with more attention to angle of approach, driving harder & better paddle placement, I find it's not really necessary. To make the micro's I'm basically doing a significantly more aggressive eddy-in. Thanks heaps for your feedback ..... Rod.

fluidmovementnz's picture

Where abouts are you. If your near the taupo rotorua area ill give yuo some tips if your keen for a paddle

ali's picture

Angle, Speed, Edge and the control of all 3... Same as any eddy. It can really help to think about how your boat carves, some carve hard late, like a Jefe so you drive a bit harded to get those stern rails over the live to whip you in like they were designed to do. Boats that have softer rear rails will run out of carve sooner, so you have to drive earler, so the harder rails near the front can do their job. paddle position in the eddy will have a major effect, too far forward and the bpoat will slide out which may not put you where you want to be. Further back say round your hips and the boat will carve a wider arc into the eddy. Go hit all the hard, surging, boily, barely there eddys on the easy runs. Play round with the variations of Angle, Speed ,Edge. Try different thigs and if you can get a mate to film you so you can see what your actually doing. Focus on seeing you and your boat make the move into the eddy, a lot of it is in the focus which relates to how your commiting to the move, "dont put your body anywhere your mind has not been". So when you need to hit that micro 2 boat lenghts above death, you will feel a lot more confident and less likly to blow the move.

Ryan Hunt's picture

Depends on the eddy, for some small eddies you may need to do a upstream ferry to enter and stay in it. Depends on the size of the eddy, the speed of the flow and how defined the eddyline is. Best just to play around and try catch every eddy on your home run, you will find out what works and what dosnt.

boaterboy888's picture

didnt really know how you get into a micro eddy was any different to a big eddy. i dont do anything different. maybe you should look at how your eddying in

boyd1's picture

Not an expert...But if you plant your paddle blade in with a closed face (ie wrist rolled forward - back of blade facing downstream). The boat will whip around the paddle quickly (then open the face - by rolling wrist back gently).

Practise on normal eddies with reasonable flow before pracising at your favourite micro eddy with fast flow.