2 day river safety course

Anyone interested in doing a 2 day river rescue course and/or kayak 1 training up in Murchison?

Dates we are looking would be the 2-3rd of October but pretty flexible with dates... any time from the 28th September til the 8th of October would suit as its in the school holidays so we have time off from work.

Would be a great course for anyone who spends time on a river, even if you've done one before its always good to keep refreshing your skills.

We've got two people but need 4 to run a course. Course would be run through the NZ kayak school in Murch and would cost $265 for the two days.

Also looking at doing a kayak 1 training course the two days prior to or after the river safety course. I need at least one more person to make it viable. Great way to make sure you're up to scratch if you're thinking of going for kayak 1 at some stage.

Get in touch asap if you're keen

027 477 6777
03 302 8841


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Kayak 1 training is set to run, will go about booking it, can still take more people if anyone else wants to join.

River safety we need 1 more person... will be a primo course!