Solutions throw bag breaks

I bought a 20m Solutions throw bag last November which I haven't used much at all and it snapped on Thursday... luckily during an exercise on a safety course and not when someone's life was counting on it. I noticed when I got it that the sheathe had odd ends sticking out at random intervals but assumed it was OK. WRONG! If you have one I strongly recommend taking it back and getting a different bag.

phil's picture

wouldn't a marlin spike put more acute stress on that part of the rope, as opposed to going through a pulley?

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We didn't have much load on the bag... one live bait rescuer jumping in and grabbing a swimmer.

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Most throw bags can be broken in simulated rescues and haul systems if you bring all the whistles and bells in.. ie going over 3:1 mech advantage... you can use your gear better with a few cunning knots like a marlin spike hitch to make your pulley system, matt