Do kayakers shit in the woods?

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We have just finished a great weekend trip down the Motu, great water levels sunny weather and good company..... but our group was more than a little taken back and disgusted at the state of the campsites, they are littered with shit, lots of shit and toilet paper, close to the tent sites and even right up against the wall of the hut....(about 5m from toilet) there was almost none buried and the dirty paper was littered around the camp sites. There was even a note from a couple of days ago from a group of kayakers complaining about the smell and dead opossums around the hut (there is a bait at the hut) but they did not bother to take the spade that was leaning on the wall and pick up the dead opossum off the verhanda... Anyway my point is if you use the Motu and don't like the thought of sleeping in some ones else's shit lets bury it! and if anyone is interested lets look at getting some building materials an old spade into the main campsites and dig/ build a basic long drop toilet. I am happy to carry some materials down and do some work.
Get in contact with me if you are interested in helping out... cheers Donald

Jammers's picture

Hi Donald,
Good post there-tis fairly disgusting having to dodge crap around a campsite. I am reasonably new to NZ (having emigrated from Wales via Ireland) and am based in Gisborne with my girlfriend (who also paddles) and am really keen to get onto the Motu for a trip and only too willing to get in and help out etc.. I am a teacher so can't really take days off mid week but I do finish early on Friday's (around 1.15pm)..Anyway drop me a line etc if and when you are thinking off heading in and in need of some help..


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Hi Donald,
I won't be able to head in with you any time soon, but I'm really keen to contribute in some way for building materials or something like that. I'm keen to head in there next year when there's water around again (I've not been in there before but I hear it's a magic trip!), and it'd be a shame to experience it littered with human waste. Email me at: or call/text - 0212456114

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We've also recently had a trip down the Motu and had a similarly brilliant trip. Our group took along a fold up spade (from an army surplus store) which made it so easy to be tidy campers. It's an awesome place and a shame to hear that it is being spoilt. Happy to help with any initiative.