Canadian Canoeing

I don't have any experience with water sports yet, such as canoeing/kayakaing. However, I am planning a Canadian Canoe trip over in Canada for later this year, and would love to hear advice on how best to upskill for this trip.

My research on clubs to join, shows they all seem to be primarilly based around kayaking. Does anyone know if there are courses specifically based around just river reading skills, and possibly learning Canadian Canoe techniques on rivers? I am based in Wellington, any advice would be appreciated.


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Can you post the link up so we can all view it?

Do people know who are the big names in Canadian Canoe instruction out there? Is there anybody currently operating on grade 2?

Its not super popular here in NZ but I know there must a couple of people doing it...


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Hi Rick

I've sent a link through to you privately which you should find useful


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How does that help him with planning a canadian canoeing trip? He's not going to kayak class 5