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Just interested as most of the throwlines in the shops have loops at the bankside end and some at the swimmer's end. surely these infringe the clean line principal (being from the UK this is drilled into us) as a possible hazard when on the river? anyone got any views on this?

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Unless using a coiled rope (an few do these days) there will always be a snag hazard on at lease one one of a throw rope. Like all hazards it's a matter of controlling the risk.

I have ropes with and without loops in the end because some of my ropes (eg the baby Astral one which I take playboating) just wont stow safely in their pouch without the loop and knot. generally however I remove the knot if I can as I can always put it back quickly if needed.

If you need the loop then I suggest undoing and retying it with a bow line on a bight. This is very easy to undo so gives you a choice for situations where you want the loop removed and provides an excellent attachment point.

Robin R-B