Spray Deck for jackson 4FUN?


I have a 4fun and purchased a Palm Extreme roto 5 deck for it, and REALLY have trouble getting it on even when wet. I have left it on the cockpit for periods to try and stretch it but no joy. What decks do other 4fun owners use that fit without getting a sweat up to put it on?


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I have a 4fun, also use a roto 5. fits no probs. also fits onto my jefe (kinda loose but never imploded), also fits onto my Tuna no probs. Never had it impode once. although now all the seam tape is coming off, and the rubber seams underneath the deck came off long ago. the deck is aweosme. the tube is crap.

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Just remember to pull the deck out before putting in down on to the rim, the sticky latex causes large amounts of friction on the rim therefore making it had to pull over. I have a ROTO3 and that will strech onto mystics and superstars, with a small struggle.