How to/Can you make a Werner Split Paddle?



Just wondering if you can make a Werner Paddle into a 4 piece split. I know that the oval keys might get in the way of finding the right spigot but I'm not entirely sure.

Rather ask someone before I start hacking into a paddle :)


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It should fit in a Salto sweet as, I have half down each side of the seat of my SCUD to keep the weight neutral and it fits....just. I just got a spigot fom the local kayak shop, its about 20cm long. Getting all the holes to line up is pretty vital, this is the way I did it: I laid the paddle on a bench and using a benchblock to provide a level to work off, and drew a line ALONG the shaft aprox 15cm each side of the middle (this provides a refrence) I then cut the shaft and faced the cut surface. I worked out where I wanted the hole in the shaft and drilled the first hole for the existing buttonlock, fitted the spigon to that side of the paddle and locked it in place with the buttonlock. Then I slid the other half of the on (undrilled), lined up the refrence line with the other side, worked out how far from center I wanted the second hole and drilled a pilot through both shaft and spigot, thus retaining offset and getting a perfect matchup. I then enlarged both, fitted a second button lock to the new hole in the spigot and got a pretty nice fit. It is a 192, but that works for me, and you have more boat to play with. I cant say its as good as a Werner factoy split, but folks tell me it works (never broken my Werner to need to use it:-) Tips: take it slow, measure twice cut once!!! drill pilot holes, use a drillpress with a clamped paddle if you have one, take time to get the cut faces of paddle shaft square.
Hope that hepls:-)

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I like your idea, it might actually work my Salto. What boat did you fit it in?

Hmm... I wonder if you can get a extra thick spigot and sand it down a little to slide it in.. also, how long does the spigot need to be to be effective?

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Hi, I was wondering the same thing, soooo I asked Mick about it, and you are correct the oval keys are the issue. short answer no. But I did cut it into a 2 bit, and didnt glue the spigot to either side (modifyed with 2 button locks), which gave me a short 2 bit + spigot, which works ok for me. A mate has a factory 3 bit, and it is soooo sweet, it fits together perfectly, and feel like a normal Werner when you use it. If you can afford it, they really are worth it. Hope this helps a bit. If you come up with a better solution post it on here. It may be worth giving th NZKS a call, they have managed to get replacment blades for folks in the past, and may be able to get ovalised spigots, but thats just a guess.