'inflatable' spray decks

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I've had an idea today when fitting a spray deck to a kayak. I was pressed for time and the deck was to big so i got a bike inner tube and inflated it and the deck performed as well as a standard white water deck so i was thinking of making a inflatable spray deck so removing the bungee and using a high grade rubber inflatable tube to keep it in place plus this system would fit a wide range of cockpit shapes and sizing.
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hugh's picture

Good idea. You could run a couple of cross tubes to stop the deck imploding in something meaty. Rafts seem to stay inflated in rough conditions so a deck shouldn't be impractical. You would need a quick release valve, and to carry a bike pump in your boat.

callum-mcmahon's picture

True haha. But if you make one or get a high grade mountain bike inner tube it would be allot stronger and would be the same strength as neoprene. But accidents happen and if your not careful you can nearly break anything. Thanks for the feedback tho.

rlynch's picture

Would you need to bring a bicycle repair kit with you then? You wouldn't want to get a puncture...