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Ive done several whitewater kayaking guided half day trips etc and have always loved it. And now that I'm working in IT, I cant stand my old favourite pass time of sitting in front of a PC!. So im looking seriously at starting out with an Inflatable Kayak. Dual purpose, I would like to use it on lakes to get to the quieter spots, (Nelson lakes etc) and mid term I would like to build up confidence to do grade 3+ stuff, Long term I would like to to the Clarence run, which doesnt sound extreme on the white stuff, but need space for camping gear.
So Ive been looking at tandems so that I can take someone else along for the fun, And Ive really narrowed it down to 2,
the Incept Mohaka, NZ made, sits 2 200kg load (2 big guys = no room for gear?) 5 Air Cells
The Sea Eagle explorer 380 or 420, Foreign import, 3 Air Cells but can carry 2 people plus kit, or maybe even 3 people. Both are grade 4 certified, and I dont have a hunger for anything death defying,
Can anyone with experience discuss the pros and cons of either model, or point me to another model that meets the requirements? (class4, inflatable, tandem)