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Ive done several whitewater kayaking guided half day trips etc and have always loved it. And now that I'm working in IT, I cant stand my old favourite pass time of sitting in front of a PC!. So im looking seriously at starting out with an Inflatable Kayak. Dual purpose, I would like to use it on lakes to get to the quieter spots, (Nelson lakes etc) and mid term I would like to build up confidence to do grade 3+ stuff, Long term I would like to to the Clarence run, which doesnt sound extreme on the white stuff, but need space for camping gear.
So Ive been looking at tandems so that I can take someone else along for the fun, And Ive really narrowed it down to 2,
the Incept Mohaka, NZ made, sits 2 200kg load (2 big guys = no room for gear?) 5 Air Cells
The Sea Eagle explorer 380 or 420, Foreign import, 3 Air Cells but can carry 2 people plus kit, or maybe even 3 people. Both are grade 4 certified, and I dont have a hunger for anything death defying,
Can anyone with experience discuss the pros and cons of either model, or point me to another model that meets the requirements? (class4, inflatable, tandem)

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Bump... How often have those with inflatables had to deal with puncture repairs??

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Thanks for all the replies, Ive got in touch with the Canterbury of uni kayaking club, and it looks like a cheap way to get my feet wet, allowing me to get some experience and time to acquire the secondary gear to go along with a boat. If it pans out It looks like I will be buying a boat once my studies have finished this year, and Incept it is..... maybe i can hori up a keel/rudder to improve tracking for the lake trips. From those of you with experience, Crocboy and Hugh, how often do you puncture your boats?? the biggest turn off for me is not knowing the pro's and cons of the various materials, figured if the incept is made for heavy and frequent commercial use in NZ its gotta be good!


Shane Le Brun

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I have paddled many NZ rivers in an IK. Hiked in and paddled out on little creeks and some harder stuff. I have had an AIRE which was tough but heavy, Sea Eagle - light but a little bit delicate. INCEPT is tough as, but is quite big, but would be my pick for the Clarence. The biggest danger is not whitewater but the wind on lakes and the ocean. I paddled the Buller and the G 4-4+ Turnbull R (S Westland) in a Sea Eagle Explorer, so they're all good. Look on River Valley's FB page for the upper Rangitikei and you will see Incept tandems in there.

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Hey Hugh,

Flick us a line here at Fergs kayaks (ask for Dave) and we will be able to steer you in the right direction.

Fergs Kayaks Wellington

04 499 8898

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I have a gumotex K2, its a lot of fun, we have used it on all sorts of rivers from G2 with the kids to G4.. I also have a NRS bandit single.. let me know if you want to talk more.

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The INCEPT boat is more rugged and will not let you down.. Sea Eagles are great and there are millions of their boats doing trips, but not quite as heavy duty as INCEPT. You can take an INCEPT tandem anywhere in NZ