Taking a kayak on a plane???

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Im thinking of flying my creekboat from Christchurch to Rotorua but im not sure if Air NZ would allow me to bring it with me. What should I do?

And how should i pack it? ( cant really afford to buy kayak bag atm)



marlow's picture

Short answer is yes, but it depends on two things.

1. Your boat length

2. the plane your traveling on

737, can take almost anything upto 273 (m/l creek boat) from memory, ive never flown to vegas so dont know what planes they use, if it has propellers you'll probably be S.O.L.

So try and find out what model plane youll be on, and just ask them the length max. Last time I flew domestic with a boat they charged me $50, but check as baggage rules have changed since then