Surf kayaking advice


Hey, i bought a bliss stick blitz special last year and after getting into whitewater this year and hearing about a reputation in the surf that redeems its crapness on the river, i plan to take it out on the surf this season.
I have questions. i know how to catch a wave from bodyboarding, just paddle and let it catch you then paddle harder. But from messing around on a mates sit on top ive found some issues that id like help with.
Firstly, if your boat starts nosediving, how do you get out of this without flipping forwards into a brutal roll?
Also, if you get near the shore or catch a wave that once you are on it feels too big, how do you get off it without rolling? do you just have to wash onto shore, turnn around relaunch and start again? or can you get off waves smehow?
Finally is there anything i should know before i go in? Any skills i should be particularly good at or anything i may not know already that i really should? and what gear? full river gear or just spraydeck wetsuit boat and paddle? i surf at mount maunganui beach by the way.

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Hi XePirate, I'm a paddler and surfer. On the safety side of things you should know some of this...
Go and paddle somewhere quiet so you don't upset surfers.
Wear all the gear you'd have on the river, if you're inexperienced then a helmet/buoyancy vest will help you if you swim/flip.
The person on the wave nearest the curl has right of way....if you aren't nearest the curl, you have 'dropped in' and will quickly upset other surfers.
As far as skills go....I'd just stick to smaller days to start with or you're going to have a bad day stuck in a rip or swimming around with no boat if you haven't got the skills yet. When you take off, to stop the nosedive, lean back hard as you pick up speed. The only way off the wave is to hit the brakes really hard or roll and hope it flushes you off....otherwise just go with the flow.
Have fun out there.