Kayaking around wellington



I'm coming over from the uk this year for a year to paddle as many rivers as possible, I'm going to be based in Wellington to start with, could any one help with some information for finding some people to paddle with and help to fine tune my skills so I can get the best out of my time, also what is the paddling like in august

If any one can help I would be very greatful


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Hi Simon - VUCC (the Vic uni club, you don't have to be a student to join) meet at 8.30 every Thursday night at Freyberg pool on Oriental Parade in Welly, followed by a toasty hot chocolate at Deluxe cafe. Come + say hello + when you get here :o)

Welly is lovely but depending on what level you're paddling at, if you want to get stacks of paddling in I'd recommend hanging out at the Kaituna at Okere Falls near Rotorua, going to Murchison (where the NZ Kayak School is based in summer) and getting to Hokitika.



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Best thing for oyu to do champ is get connected with either the hutt valley club or vic uni club. Both have pool nights where you can meet people - with most of them paddling every weekend.

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Hi Simon,

When you get to Wgtn drop another post here and we'll get you connected and paddling. Paddling in August is cold but there's plenty of water around.