Hi All

We are holding an AGM for the NZ Extreme Whitwater Assn this thursday 19th April at 7pm in Okere Falls. Obviously it is a big call for a lot of people to attend but if you would like to participate through Skype, please let us know and we'll set up as best we can. Otherwise if you have anything you would like to be discussed, questions you would like answered etc..., please let us know (send to and we'll add it to our agenda.

In case you're unsure what the NZEWW is about, we're the national/governing body for 'competitive' extreme racing and freestyle in NZ (formerly known as the NZFKA). Our basic mission is to grow and strengthen the competitive side of whitewater kayaking in NZ. One of the things we are endeavoring to do is get a NZ extreme racing series going which we trialed this past year and was quite successful considering it was very low-key. So any input/ideas on this would be especially appreciated as well as other ideas for achieving our mission in the years to come.

Any questions please ask