movin to ashburton


hey there im completley new to this site but just thought id throw this out there ,im makin the move with my family to nz in october from ireland (cant wait) im movin to the bright lights of ashburton i met a couple of kiwi paddlers on a recent trip to italy brendan baly and sam roil who thought this was hilarious ,why i dont know but im sure ill find out when i get there ,,,i guess im tryin to find out whats the story with kayaking around ashburton if there is a club around there ,is it easy to hook up with paddlers there anything and everything really any info really appriciated.......
cheers guys

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The closest club is in Christchurch - about an hour away!

Orari, Opihi, Rangitata, Ashley and a little bit further away the Hurunui are the closest runs to Ashburton :) Get a hold of the whitewater guide when you arrive.

Good luck with the move!

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theres a class 4 river like 30 mins from ashburton. not sure if theres any club around there.