Left handed - advice needed

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I'm finally getting my youngest son into a boat. He is left handed. Is there any point in getting him a left handed paddle or is he better to just learn right handed? I know there are lots more right handed paddles around and he will have trouble with most splits but is paddling with a left handed paddle easier or more natural for a left handed person?

Any opinions appreciated.

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i agree with scotty if you try teaching left handed your going to struggle when he gets to rolling if your right handed that is. the best thing about kids is that they can grow into it.

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Just learn right handed. I’m left handed and have always used right handed paddles. I don't even notice it. It all feels natural to me and in the long run it saves trouble with splits and trying to find new paddles etc.
In saying that i have never actually tried to use a left hand paddle but i don’t feel the urge to even try I’m more than comfortable with right hand paddles.