android app for kayaking

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There is a nice app for kayaking in google play for anyone that is interested

Developed by Kayakers for Kayakers. All kayakers need a way of mapping and identifying features on rivers. This app will allow you map and mark features with GPS accuracy and will allow you to use GPS my location to identify where you are in relation to these features on future runs and allow you to add new features using this facility. There is an extensive array of icons to help you map your rivers. This app uses GPS exclusively allowing you to use it worldwide. All information is
stored on your sdcard allowing you to backup your valuable information.
Features include
Mapping with or without using GPS my location
View mode to plan your next paddle.
Search Facility
All map points carry your GPS coordinates which is vital.
When adding putin and getout your getout marker will have additional information
including trip time and distance in miles / kilometres.