Arriving feb looking for paddlers


Hi all

I'm landing in Auckland on 18 feb and I have got one month to paddle as much as I can before my girl friend arrives in march, I paddle uk grade 4 happily, I am happy to spend some time on some grade 2 to meet people and a chance for some advice on which rivers I would be able to paddle. I've got the guide book and I've been looking at the rivers they use for rafting, if I turned up there will I find groups of paddlers there's that I could join or are they rivers you can get on and you will find paddlers on the river as you go down?

Any help would be very greatful


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If you went to the Kaituna river any time or any of the Wairoa releases (every Sunday during summer) you'd find paddlers who would be happy for you to tag along with them. The Auckland Uni. Canoe Club and Waikato Kayak Clubs have Facebook sites you could check out for contacts as well. Most of the clubs stay in contact with one another so if you're heading further south we'd be able to give you more contacts to keep you paddling till youre arms fall off