Kayaking feb to march


Hi all

I'm landing on the 20 feb in ackland I have 3 weeks to paddle as much as I can, before my other half arrives and we head off to the South Island, I am a confident grade 4 white water paddle in the uk and happy to run 5 i lines go and appropriate safety is in place but more looking for a fun days paddling my aim is to improve my skills learn new ideas that I can bring back to the uk and help with developing white water kayKing in the uk, I'd been keen to get one on some grade 2 rivers to meet people and then see skill levels, I'm happy to go most places and keen to get out and paddle on any river, ill have a camper van so happy to head to more remote places is people are interested if any is free and up for spending a week or so just paddling let me know,


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Hi Simon, whereabouts are you at the moment? Could meet up with you for a paddle over a weekend if you like, as I'm working through the week. I'm based in Auckland, and know a few rivers around the North Island, though things will be a bit low at the moment with the lack of rain this summer. I've paddled rivers here and in the UK, grade 2-5.

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Hey I'm free to paddle this weekend if your free. I'm in the south of the north island. Not sure is I can give you new ideas to take back to the uk as I'm also from the uk. Give me an idea of what you've paddled and alittle history.

We could run the run the hutt gorge or the rangitikei. It would have to be this weekend as I'm heading to the south island Monday and won't be back for a while.