paddle found on styxs


paddle found on styxs river today. 20/1/2013 if you have lost one or know anyone who has give me a description of the item and hopefully i have the paddle you are looking for.

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Hay Mate

Your a lucky man did it have some silver tape in the middle of the shaft?if so its your lucky day. I am currently in Auz doing some work but will be back in NZ in a week or two. Where are you located?i will get this back to you asap.

send me an email of your details to


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Hey bro,
I lost a black carbon werner powerhouse crank shaft 197cm paddle on the styx on saturday 19th january. Would love to get it back! Paddled all the way to the sea on sunday looking for it.
Let me know if that matches the description of the paddle you found and I'll certainly shout you some beer!