Looking to buy a River-runner and Getting more confused by the second.

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to White Water Kayaking (been doing it at Wero about 3x a week since November) and a few small kayak trips. I have learnt in the Dagger Axiom 8.0 (all I have been in) but looking to buy my own Kayak now.

I was suggested the Nomad S but due to my size, I can’t properly fit in it (even with foam blocks) it’s just too much of a larger boat for me with short arms (I am 141cm and 57kg) it is more off issue of me been able to paddle efficiently (I am too low down even with the booster pads so I would have to over reach to get over the sides more extremely to get in strokes) and truthfully, I would prefer a river runner.

Looking to do bigger rivers when I feel more confident i.e. Tongariro Access 10 on release and then so on. I have done a few 2’s.

I have tried sitting in the wavesport Diesel 60 and fit perfectly inside but several people I have talked to really don’t like this boat and advise me against it.

I was also looking at the Mamba 7.6 (but haven’t sat in one to see how that works. but other than that I don’t really know what is that good out there.

I would want something that is not too difficult to roll, allows me to attempt some surf play and not just absolutely massive to get on and off the roof all the time.

Any suggestions
Thanks and Regards,