Tekapo W/W Course?


Are we going to get more time on the Tekapo W/W course?

Labour weekend is the only weekend posted on the events page. Hoepfully more are added??

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Cheers Mike.
Unfortunately I'm not an experienced enough paddler to be a person who could look after it (Safety etc) but I'll mention it to some mates who could be keen.

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Hi Phil

At the moment there are about 5 weekends booked for course releases over summer.

Unfortunately, the course can only be operated if a group is willing to take responsibility for it over that weekend. (Safety on the course, opening and closing the gates, liasing with Meridian etc.) and makes it available to others.

There will be a slalom held on the course on 30 Nov - 1 Dec 02. Contact Alan Hoffman for more details.

The course dates of 28, 29 Dec, 6 (Waitangi), 7, 8, 9 Feb and 8, 9 Mar are available at the moment. If you know of a group that is willing to take these on get them to contact me.

Mike Savory (NZRCA Access officer)