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really keen to get into kayaking , waveskied for years and bored ,not sure what to get ,would like short boat good for spinning and good rails for in the surf , hope to skill up to white water ripids for some variety , second hand boat wanted with skirt/paddle ,need some help please

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sounds like good advice , its always good to experiment though aye! will hunt out some intsructors down here

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Fork out some dosh and do a course learn the basics can be expensive but in the long run worth every cent. An instructor can help get you fitted out with gear and make the right choice with a boat etc...

If you're in dunners get in touch.

I got this off a web site somewhere and its great advice.

"Teaching yourself to kayak is akin to teaching yourself sex. At the very best you'll learn horrendous techniques that will yield little satisfaction and probably have to be relearnt later. At the very worst you'll probably hurt yourself. A qualified instructor is highly recommended"

Good luck


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He fella,
Try one of the clubs in your area they are a good place to start and run some good beginner river based stuff. There was a list of them on here some place. You may be able to hire most of what you need for starters and figure out what suits you that way. There are also some good books and videos and you can find them in most good kayak stores. I would recomend `Kayak' by William Neally. It's a real laugh.

Good luck.