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Myself and two friends are doing the coast to coast next year. We are coming down to Christchurch over christmas, and are hoping to paddle the waimak on the 29th December. We all have our grade 2 certificates and have done a bit of paddling on similar rivers in the north island.

We're looking for someone to take us down the river who knows the river well, not really for any instruction but just to point out a few things that we might need to look out for and basically just so we can have a good idea what to expect in the race. does anyone know of someone who could take us down? I've tentatively booked sea kayaks, so we wouldn't be needing boats, just a person and (ideally) transport.

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there were a couple of people around chch doing this not sure if they still are but mabe contact cow/topsport kayaking and they should be able to help you