cracked nose on amp


i cracked the nose on my perceptin amp and was wondering although they dont make nose cones specificly for the amp is anytihgn a close fit becasue the ends on an emp are very skiny and not much to them as in most boats,or any other things itd good to do with cracjed noses

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It was your english class I was referring to mate.

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Hey Barry

Wasnt planning on leaving school this soon aye, but then who knows just found out i might be geting kiked out of my physics class at school,so who knows i could become a bum yet

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Hey Guys,

A good quality plastic weld should hold up to about 80-90% of the original strength. Please note this only works with Linear or Super-linear polyethylene plastics. Some manufacturers use different plasics that are not suitible for welding.

If you need any technical advice get hold of us at Perception (06) 3567411

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Laser craft in Tuam St. could make a nose cone. Paddle hard Barney (you went well last weekend) but I suggest you don't leave school yet.

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thakns for the hepl robin i might try that its geting plastic welded at momnet thou and il see how that looks after its benn done

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There is a nose cone for the Zwo - nose size seem similar to an Amp.

I have had some luck (good and bad) with heating such things in the oven (150 degrees for 15-20 mins) and pressing them onto boats they weren't designed for. The nose cone then gets taken off when cool (and hopefully not too munted) and then refitted after sanding the nose (really rough it up) applying a layer of no more nails and tehn holding th ewhole lot in place with four large blind rivets (2 top and 2 bottom).