Can I boat in November?


I am a us paddler and I am planning to come to NZ in late October early November. I assume that there will be water there (since that is your spring right?) but just thought some local info would be nice. I realize there is an extensive release system there, but I am just interested in the general picture.

all info is apreciated
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Buddy, there is always some water somewhere. That time of year is reasonably good for the southern areas of NZ (Snow is starting to melt + rain) and if all goes well over winter most catchments will have a good supply of back up water. Starts to dry up end December till mid Feb then the rain starts to fall again. Get yourself a copy of Graham Charles's book "New Zealand Whitewater". Will cost you about NZD$35 and has all the info that you will need. Then just get over here and hook up with some local paddlers. Especially around the Kaituna and West Coast (South Island)

Might see ya on the water at some time.

All good.