The tale about Jonathan Hunt


The tale goes something like this:

It was on a typical infamous UCCC Brunner west coast pub crawl kayaking trip. There was this young lad called Jonathan who was having trouble putting on his spray skirt on the boat he was sitting in (I think it was a Dura?). So a couple of the trip leaders helped out and after much effort managed to get the skirt around the copping. This required a lot of effort and seemed really hard to put on. The leaders must have wondered why the skirt was so hard to put on, but must have thought it was because of the large quantities of beer they had drunk the night before.

So the group goes paddling and everyone including Jonathan have lots of fun. After a couple of hours the group decides to stop and have lunch. As everyone gets out of their kayaks, the group leaders suddenly realise why the skirt was so hard to put on. As Jonathan starts to get out of his kayak which he had been siting in and paddling the wrong way round for the whole morning.

Good stuff Jonathan, class act. But we won't talk about one of the leaders of the trip who works will me.