Cook Straight Crossing


Hi there. Can anyone tell me where I would some find info on kayaking the Straight? Time of year, kayaks, support etc. It's something I've always wanted to do and this might have to be the year.....or next year! Any info appreciated, cheers.

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Yep, Comiting!
It's probably not the best choice if this is your first island hop.
Remember you are a long way from home if it all turns to custard when your out there (it's not costal paddling). You want stable weather, and expect some big swell anyway, it's an open crossing, between 2 islands so a lot of water gets funnles through there. I would say your best sourse of info would be sailors who cross the straight regually, and know the effects generated by vairing wind conditions. It goes without saying you would want a full range of safety gear, including an EPIRB and VHF. And most importantly a SOLID team, with NO weak members, and consiedrable experence all round. In my experence I have found when considering such undertakings, the answers to my questions, becomes clear when the time is right, it shows i'm ready, and the job is within my skills and experience. There is no hurry.'s picture

NZ Kayak mag did a story on the crossig a couple of yaers ago. I am sure that they will have a back issue or something around. Or give Eoin a call down at Fergs Wellington he will put you onto the right boys and girls.

I would think that summer would be the season cause its gonna take a good day I would expect. None of this dark at 5:30 business. I have spoken to a guy that has done it a couple of times at the Mangahao last October, they did it without support. But I suggest a GOOD radio and GPS.

Have fun.