"Rock A"


Am I the only one concerned about the plugging up of "Rock A"? It seems to be to be solely based of commercial rafting companies trying to reestablish the perceived safety of the river.
I'm strongly against this action. River hazards such as "Rock A" are what kayaking is all about. My love of whitewater paddling comes from my ability to assess river dangers and make a choice as to whether I want to paddle a potentially dangerous rapid. This makes a river exciting and gives me a passion for the sport. It would seem that this choice has been taken away in the case of the Rangitaiki.
My fear is that if many more rafters and kayakers die on other rapids our favourite rivers will become plugged up with cement and sand bags. Where is the adventure in that? There are ofcourse a lot of dangerous rapids out there.
The rafting companies should have continued to walk "Rock A" as they have for the last few months and not introduce a man-made alteration to the river based on commercial interests.


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Check out the conservation forum to see others that share your concern. One thing to note is that "they" original were intending to blow the rock up (!!) so at least it's still there and as a kayaker you will still have to make the same series of moves to avoid it - there's just less chance that you will pay big penalty time if you miss them;-)

It's a shame to have to resort to human intervention but I think is this case a fine balance between adventure and possibly losing the rock (or losing access altogether!) has been met.