Just a quick, BIG UP's to the K1 boys and girls in tonights heats. Shame that our team has been put in the same heats each time. But never mind.

The time table is a little confusing as to the mens K1 but I think it goes something like this:

10:30pm (NZ) Nick Wimset & Kenny Mutton on the water, Heat 4

01:00am (NZ) Karen Armstrong on the water, Heat 3
Jo Lucas, Heat 4
Nikki Kelly Heat 6

Think of them all before we go to bed. The weather might be good but the water is cold as the Coast mid winter.

But where would you rather be is the question. Good luck to you all.

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Go the Andrew martin!!!! Top 35 K1 men through to the quaters and he pulls number..................35.

Two Kiwi men in the quaters. One Kiwi girl. Not bad really.

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Yay the team is gettin onto the job. Andi O and Nikki K all good (both in the Quaters) But all those on the water are still doing pretty well considering. Mark E on tonight (Needs a 140+ to make the Quaters) Wish I was there!!!

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Go to peoples to check up on the Worlds.