Worlds Results


Anyone know how the NZ team got on atthe worlds??

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next worlds are at the Penrith Whitewater stadium in Sydney...should be fun.....and it will be more wave then hole.

Lawerance Simpson - 18th Juniors
all i know and hes only 15!!!!
look out for him in oz

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Search on a searh engine then translate it.

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Check out

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Hard to understand the results on that site. Does anyone know the results

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The results dont really show the effort that the team actually put in. (I dont think so any way) They all cranked in the heats and quaters but how hard is it to keep the game face on for three days sraight!!! I'll put money on the fact that they would have placed somewhere high in the party stakes but.

Does anyone know where the next worlds will be (Wave this time I expect)

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have a look at