Aratiatia warior


Sore this guy paddle Aratiatia in the weekend at pretty much full flow and the whole thing, he was in a yellow salto and not wearing a helmet. he did the whole thing pretty well, Dont know who he was but he is a bit of a legend. I think he drove a green Audi, who is this guy and why wasnt he wearing a helmet.

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Hey John, just a bit concerned about you comment that any body who paddles Aratiatia is an idiot and that it is more about luck than skill. I think if you have a look at what is being run around the world these days you will find extremely skilled paddlers running rapids and waterfalls every bit as hard and even harder than aratiatia on a regular basis. I am in Norway now and have been doing alot of boating with Flemming Schmidt, the guy who made the first descent in full flow a few years back. He is one of the best river runners on the planet and some of the stuff I have seen him run is mindblowing and he does it on a regualar basis, definately something more than just luck involved there, he is definately no idiot, just highly skilled and with years of experience. Just something to think about, this sport has come so far in the last few years, we can only dream about what will be run in the future, with new equipment,technique and experience. Do agree though, no helmet sounds abit to dodgy for me!

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Hell yes the bigger the bomb the better. Then we can do some testing and make a big mutha play hole some where

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you said it pops. i agree whole heartedly, kayakers are a danger to themselves and a hazard to the community. quite frankly i think their time would be better spent building houses for the homeless.

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alright grandpa good one like we will listen to that!!! should we not go padling and practice making bombs in my spare time then ay

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But what colour b/a where you wearing?

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It was me, my hair sticks out of my helmet so it looks like I don't have one on.

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Brent no matter what any one calls you weather it be a (gimp)(gumby)(Coolguy) or what ever. you are still number 1 in my eyes.

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ok Harrold you think he should be on a class A drug?????

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Nah think you got him confused with this other guy that did it that was baked, I herd that he thought he was paddling Huka falls just got it mixed up.

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Yah Brent! Shows us how it's done. I hear you carved up the lower section of the Kaituna the other day. Apparently it goes by a different name - "tarawyera" if I recall.

We need more paddling super-heroes like Brent after all when it comes to the unknown there's nothing like "sending in the gimp" first.

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Hey Brett, r u a dumb ass. this is not ur average grade 5 section

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Now that is just redickulous. STONED? what are we trying to show out kids? not impressed, come off it guys, its not the 60s anymore, there are better things out there now. not impressed.

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id just chill out brent. its not a rapid for skirts

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Wheres this run? Is it is the guide book?

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i reckon whitewater paddling should be prohibited by law, it's too dangerous, bad for kids, and whitewater paddlers are a liability for all tax payers.

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I heard he was stoned john.

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If you paddle Aratitia you are absolutely stupid, there is more luck envolved with that rapid than skill. To paddle it cleanly is darn right impossible and you are taking a gamble with your life. As for not wearing a helmet shows that this guy is imature and irrisponsible towards the sport. Common guys show some brains.

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what/who is team extreme? how can i become member of the elusive club??

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doesn't team extreme have some coralation with beavers? or is that another team extreme machine? i cant keep up with these things.

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Has anyone heard of "Team Extreme". Is this guy one of them? Does anyone know who this mystery man is?

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i heard he was in a red delirium, must be one of those extreme guys. they are hard core.

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I Heard he put saftey first alright!

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With a shoe!

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YEAH!!! Is this guy crazy??? Whatever happened to safety first? It's guys like this that give kayakers a bad name!
Someone should sort this guy out and perhaps knock some sense into him!!!