Can you help me?


Hi there,
I am a student at the Christchurch Polytechnic, studying Recreation. As a part of my course next year we undertake an internship (basically work experience), in the feilds we are studying in.

I am majoring in Kayaking, with a minor of Rafting, and I am looking for any places that would be prepared to take me on.

The internship is for 3 months. Pay would be preferred but is not essential as the experience is the main thing. Also I would prefer to gain experience in the kayaking feild but would also be keen to raft. It is possible for me to do the internship over summer. I do not neccessarily want to walk straight into guiding or anything, it would be more along the lines of observing and helping, and doing odd jobs to help pay the way is certainly not out of the question.

If anyone can offer me a place, or even advice/tips on where I might find somewhere, this would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Stephen Tudehope