kayaking and alcohol


hi everyone
just wondering what peoples general feelings are on 'gettin on it' the night before you go paddling. This is more for recreational kayakers but i would be very interested to hear how the instructors out there handle students / clients when it comes to being in the vacinity of a pub when kayaking. interesting note: picture of the Mahinapua (hope i spelt that right) tavern in the new guidebook?
cheers heaps - go hard!

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it must be ok as in the latest nz kayak magazine advertising the canoe and kayak store in hawkes bay there is a photo of little Mr Bigg drinking beer in their kayaks! what does this say to the families out there with thier children????
i agree with you mike about your own life and when you are dealing with others sort your sh@*# out

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i agree totally Will! You're basically adding to my thoughts, however i think you've missed my point? saftey, common sense and responsibilty are vital, i'm not questioning that. What i'm saying is that you can't gauge or measure this skill, what is common sense to one person might seem stupid to another and vise versa. what i'm finding hard to determine is where people in the industry draw the line with alcohol e.t.c, and so fuels my investigation. (mates willing to take the risk?) comment refers to where you and your clan fit onto that line. (this comment was meant to act as a question). Tell me that you've never had a few beers the night before padling and i'll tell you your not a "dropkick kayaker" - peace

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"mates are willing to take the risk?"
of what your lack of consideration? safety? common sense? kayaking not only involes personal responsibilty "moose". culture or not, common sense still seperates the "on to it paddlers" from the "drop kick kayakers"

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Interesting to see the mixed feelings on this one. I have been out in Taupo at the COW and then headed back to FJ when camaping for a night surf. Its best with the full moon as you can see stacks, just don't swim, always helps to have a few others with ya but the water seems so much faster when youare cut to ribbons.

Would say that the drugs might be a bit much unless its from higher up the food chain than smoke.

As always with kayaking there is a safety first consideration to be made.

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cheers people, shud help me out with this assignment buz aye. hitting the buds and the booze is apart of the kayaking culture whether people like it or not. mix it up with good music, good mates and most of all sick rivers/surf, and what you've got is the reason for why a lot of us have the amazing lives that we do!
I think that the bottom line is to stay off / moderate it, the nite before if instructing or in charge of a mate whos at a lesser ability than urself. anything else goes as long as you and ur mates are willing to take the (risk?)
go hard, c u fellas out there!

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same goes, dont do it if your in charge of someones life but if your into it with your mates and you fu#k up and its your life you affect and no-one else's then what ever you want to do do it just dont come complaining when you over do it and your up @!#$ creek so to speak

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What do people think about E and Speed and boating ay.

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you guys are cool! buds and Alcohol are bad. Its like they teach you at school. but little did you no those teachers go home at night and the first thing they do is, Fire in the hole my freinds.

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Agreed!!!! But if you just with your mates and all are up for it...not so bad.
I wont deal with clients that show obvious signs of a hangover, normally just ask that they sit out the first morning session. Most know the score and are not to worried , they normally dont want to drag the group back anyways. I havent had to deal with the tourist factor but I suppose it would be the same. "Cant take you now, but come back this arvo"

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usually a fresh bowl will rid you of the hang over or just misplace it.
You see its all about maths these dayz, take this to cancell that and before you know it your on top of the world and ready to hit anything.

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I reckon it's pretty simple really, how can you think and react quickly and deal with situations appropriately when your nursing a blinder or blazed?

Situations that are more likely to occur if your swaying down the river.

A mild hangover that dissappears on the first roll is one thing but anything more is irresponsible to yourself, your team and anyone else that has to fish you out of a tricky situation.

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Whether you're blazed or hung over who really cares. Usually the case is if your paddling with your mates your all in the same state anyway and looking out for each other and you know each others ability so what's the problem ? Sounds like theres some pretty high strung serious boaters out there, take it EZ lads and enjoy.

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some of you guys need nappies.
Safety first though.

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im not saying ive never touched the evil drink in fact im going to have to apologise to my crate for calling it that, i think its a part of social kayaking with friends and experienced others, but its not on if your looking after someone and theyre relying on you like beginners and tourists, it would be extreme tourisim if they were sent down kaituna with a guide that winces when thay speak because theyre so hung and its a laugh afterwards with tales of being so hung over but what if there is an accident just play it safe and dont overdo it when your in charge and save the hangovers for you and your mates

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Thats true....But, really how many of us have partaken in far too many the night prior to the early morning paddle??? Just hang at the Kaituna on a saturday morning and you will see just how many of us do it. Shocking for some OK for others. As long as they dont have clients on the water, I suppose its all about personal preference. I dont mind myself.

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i dont think it does depend on the river if you or someone who is looking after someones safety is not performing to thier best any accident can be made worse drownings occur in grade 1 too.

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How bout getting blazed then going boating. any body got any thoughts bout that. (keeps the sandflys away:-)

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Does it not depend on what we are doing and location?? A 5+ paddler on a 3+ river with a 6+ hang over is not so bad. But when all the above numbers start to match up the water gets colder and you are away from civilization, that begins to push it...But really where would the mighty paddling roady be without the late nights, early mornings all mixed with indulgence of the amber liquid??

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Yeah I've had a sore head once or twice and found a winter paddle in central otago a good way to get rid of it. I don't have a problem paddling with people who have hit it the night before but if they prove to be a danger to me or my friends because of the fine ale they have consumed I'll ask them to get off or "F" off. If you paddle with a hangover thats OK but if you put others at risk you're a selfish fool that I want nothing to do with you.


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I've had a few hell blinders the night before a paddle and I feel and paddle like @!#$ the next day. If people want to paddle hung over and spoil the paddling that's their problem, as long as they don't put others at risk.

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as in life my friend....don't have to be anal about these things, everything in moderation.