Does anyone here paddle one or know anything about them. I'm 5'6 and only 63 kgs would it be good for playboating?? and safe for running grade 3 or maybe 4 rivers

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Hey J I have a pic of your woman, woy left it in my copy of the clockwork orange.
give us a yel if you want it.
you going to the first Wairoa release?

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longer planing hull and no i wouldnt paddle it on a grade four west coast creek.. :-P
i agree it is a different boat..

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Dont know about the faster part of that comment??? Will sit atleast an inch lower int the water so it may well be slower downriver. But yes will be way more responsive. I would be wary in the type of G4 that you paddle in it as well. Its a boat that dosnt like being hit to hard. They are good boats and not seen too often. Try one first and get an idea on suitability. It may look like a flippy. But its a completely different boat.

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is a little different but same sort of thing. for me its totally different, but for you it will be heaps more responsive than the flippy and will be faster as well..
as is say, try one bro im sure you will like it.

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im in nelson aye. ive paddled a flipstick and loved it. So
a slick stick would be even better then eh?

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hey dude,
there is info about them on
where are you based? i have one in palmy nth you can have a jam in if your keen.
is a sweet boat for someone your weight/size.
would be sweet for running and playboating for you.
try one out