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Hi, does anyone know when/where the Pre-Worlds Team Selections will be held?

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just been reading stuff and i recon louise had a good idea with selecting a large group to go to oz at FJ Then a final selection in oz for the comp it will keep people up to standard as places wont be concrete

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Cheers Loiuse,
More to my 2c;

I think Option A would be better in the respect that it gives individuals(once selected) a window in which funds can be raised, AND to further their skills, be it in New Zealand or Australia or whereever.

The incentive for people to train hard to compete in Option B regardless of the short and cheap distance over the ditch doesn't discount the fact that people who don't make the cut are still out of pocket for however many $100.

Once a team has been selected, the onus can be on the indivuals to be ready for the Pre-Worlds.

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I reakon both options have merit and draw backs.

Option A would be good so that people could make travel arrangements etc. but that would mean that there would be a bit of a gap before the competition and because Dec/Jan are prime boating months this leaves a lot of room for improvement or decline in skills and I'm sure you'll be wanting to have the top boaters there on the day.

Option B should ensure this happens as well as get a good support team in Penrith and give more people a chance to play at Penrith and get a taste for what the competition will be like. Obviously people may not like this idea because they may go all the way over there and miss out but this could be an incentive for people to train harder and bring the overall standard up.

Another suggestion may be to do both. You could select a larger squad of paddlers at the initial selection who will go to Aussie and have final selections at Penrith. This would give people a chance to guage themselves against others as well as ensuring you have the best team on the day. Hopefully this would also mean that people start training now and keep training hard up to the competition to get the standard high.

Just felt like having an opinion ;P

Louise 8)

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Do you mean a month other than August?

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With less than 6 months to go, we need to make a decision very soon on a time and place for the NZ selections. Pre-Worlds Official training starts 14 January, competition 21-25 January.

There are two options for your feedback:

Option A: One weekend @ Kaituna and Full James (same as last year).
November 15-16 subject to flows negotiation
Stay clear of Niamh Tomkins Memorial
Early enough for those selected to make arrangements?
Potentially more competitiors (especially juniors)

Option B: One day 12 or 13 January @ Penrith White Water, followed immediately by official Pre-Worlds training.
Those interested can make arrangements now
Only committed freestylers will go?
Others may use as an opportunity to experience the "Worlds" atmosphere
Good continuity of training, competing, training, competing opportunity for those selected
Some cannot afford to go

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Your opinions, ideas and feedback could be of value to everybody.

Please have your say. If you don't, you risk being disappointed.

Deadline for feedback: Friday 8th August
NZFKC quorum will discuss collated feedback and make decision over the weekend of 9-10 August.