Info wanted for visit to NZ in mid-Nov


I was thinking about spending a week on the western shore of the south island, but I not real sure what to expect as far as water levels. I have Graham's guide and my north island experiences indicate that I'd rate things similarly to him. Still, late spring could be BIG water and raise the levels by a grade or more. Specifically, I'd like to get on the Toaroha, Hokitika and Arahura. Any forecasters out there??? Info on transportation, lodging, guides, equipment rentals, etc. would be useful, too.

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Kia ora Paul,

I replied a couple of days ago so hoping you received it coz it didn't bounce back.

Let us know if you don't have it lurking in your inbox and I'll re-write to you.

Kev S

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Hello again Paul.

You can mail me on .

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Hi Paul. Have not checked e-mail at home for a couple of days (been paddling). Setting up new e-mail at work, will post here when done.


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I emailed both of you. Haven't heard back. Please drop me an email to let me know if you got mine.

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Hi Paul,

We at Canoe & Outdoor World have a selection of Creek boats for hire at very favourable rates (including the ever popular Salto).

Give us a call on 0800MOREFUN and talk with Ruby our most frequent West Coast creeker. We'll happily provide you with heaps of info - rivers to paddle, places to stay...even where to go to get laid.

Happy paddlin'.

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Hi Paul.

As long as those rivers are clean you are ok if you are up to the grade in the book. If they are dirty, there are always other options nearby. So, you are pretty much guaranteed a paddle. If the W coast is REALLY pissing itself, head on over East and see if the NW rain is filling up the rivers over here.

There are backpackers all over the coast, so accom is no problem. Gear hire? Well that depends on what you want. I can get hold of a variety of boats. Give me an e-mail and I'll let you know if I can help you out.