Info about North Island?



I`m coming to Auckland 10th October and going to spend in NZ over 2 months. I have some questions, and I`ll be very pleased, if someone could help me.

a.) Do you know any cheap hotels or hostels in Auckland? I`ll perhaps stay there for some days before heading to the rivers.

b.) Where can I find the cheapest and best car-deals? I have thought to buy a pretty cheap car, which I perhaps can sell back when I leave. I think buying will be cheaper than renting?

c.) Is anyone willing to rent me a playboat for some weeks? I`ll take only my creekboat with me from Finland, but I`d like do do some playboating also before travelling to South Island .

d.) Do you have any other special hints for travelling in North Island? Rivers on October? I`m a solid class 4 (+) boater, and have done creeking quite a lot in Norway. I`ll be travelling alone in North Island before meeting my friend in Christchurch.

e.) Is there any paddling competitions or other happenings during October or November in New Zealand?

Kai Heltola

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a) + b) - go to the Auckland Central Backpackers, its at the bottom end of Queen St in Auckland, its the main street and easy to find. Stay there and you should be able to pick up a van or car without too much hassle as there are always backpackers selling there vehicles before they leave. Also the best place to go before you leave to sell it on.

c) Contact Donald Calder at Sunspots, and he will be able to rent ya a play boat no worries.

d) With the Rivers to do, would say base yourself in Rotorua and talk to the locals, it will be obvious whos into the same stuff as you. If you want some good solid creeking pray for rain, otherwise the north is mainly the domain of the playboat.

e) Few competitions on around then, would ask the team at sunpsots as they have their finger on the pulse. You will find it all pretty easy to sort and get around though.

Best of luck.