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ok guys there has been a fair bit of stuff written about wearing a helmet in a river and for the record i always do even if its one ive done 50 times. and if you dont thats your choice i just wont pick up the peices if you refuse to put a lid on when i ask and ill make that clear to you.

however to the disgust of many local surfers (and thats a whole nother topic boys and girls) i paddle my play boat in the surf. being honest i dont always wear a helmet when i surf. for me it depends on the size of the surf if its small i dont if its big i do.
this is beacuse i hit my head in the big stuff with my paddle - when not wearing my helmet, it can get really big and throw you round if the wave rides you instead. but all in all if its small i still wont wear it its got nothing to do with a thrill or making it harder for me it just feels less restrictive

the other thought i have had is when paddling in the surf with friends i should do as well a i have been used as a ski jump before by a friend who was blinded by the the sea spray whipped up by the wind.

and lastly how many sea kayakers do you see wearing helmets? now i know this is almost a different sport for most river paddlers and even me in the surf has different risk because i get amongst the beraking waves

now im bound to be ridiculed for this but bring it on, i hope i havnt offended any sea kayakers or river paddlers or surfers or even bodyboarders for leaving them out. im just courious to see peoples perspective as this is mine