Contact info for Originz Paddles


Can someone post the contact information for Originz paddles?


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We are training for a Charity Challenge in Kayaking round the Isle of Wight in UK. Take a second and view our www.paddleforlife,co,uk website.
The quick connect coupling for our OrigiNZ Hauraki Gulf Two Piece
slipped off and fell to the bottom of the English Channel.
Do you know who I should contact to have a replacement couriered from NZ ASAP?

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Hi Bernard
I've broken a blade of a nevis bluff paddle. is it possible to order a single blade or a pair. The shaft is carbon/glass.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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Bernard Fletcher
07 3770486

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try bernard fletcher
i think website is

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Thank you. I shall keep my fingers crossed.
I will let you know the outcome, but please keep as one of you favourites as news and new photos also get posted onto this website.
Thank you.

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Paste the above to your browser. Enjoy the article!

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Bernard Fletcher

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Kayak Isle of Wight (KIOW) 16th-17th September

It was bold, it was breathtaking, it was fun! And we did it!

We paddled round the Isle of Wight!

Five novices kayaked through high waves and strong winds and tides to round the Isle of Wight for the charity, Paddle for Life.

Robert Murray Willis, son Will, Andrew Craig and son James, complete with Bud the kayaking dog, rose to the challenge of kayaking the 60 miles round the Isle of Wight in support of Paddle for Life, a registered charity supporting Cancer Research UK, Dreams Come True and an Amazon school project!

Robert Murray Willis and Andrew Craig both wanted to do something for charity after cancer affected loved ones. Andrew said ìThe challenge was as much a mental one as physical because itís a long way round the Isle of Wight and thereís the risk of capsizing!î Robert went on to say ìHaving two teams of father and son, representing the generations, was especially poignant as cancer can strike anyone, at any age.î
The safety boats were supplied by one of the main sponsors, Richard Rhodes of FCM Facilities. Richard said ì6 months ago Robert was 3 stone over weight and stood no chance of completing the gruelling round the Isle of Wight trip. But he rose to the challenge, lost weight, got fit and did it! And all credit to him, his son and the rest of the team. I take my hat off to them! They did very well!î

Robert said ìOn Friday it poured with rain, the winds were gale force at times, the tide was against us, and, sometimes we didnít think we could make it. On Saturday the conditions were better but the sea had a big swell. Passing St Catherineís Point we capsized but managed to recover. On Sunday the weather was perfect. The trip was a fantastic adventure and was really worth it in the end. We lived every moment of the challenge!î

There will be an auction buffet dinner and presentation at the Spa Hotel in Royal Tunbridge Wells on the 28th October 2006. The charity continues to the end of next year, when we are planning to do it again - this time in two days.

Paddle for Life is a registered not-for-profit Charity supporting Cancer Research UK, Dreams Come True (for children with life threatening illnesses), and an Amazonian school project.
Robert, Andrew, Will and James want Paddle for Life to raise £250,000.They would also like to make the ìPaddle for Life challengeî an annual event. If you are interested in joining them, going to the dinner, or offering support, you can find out more by visiting

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Hi there Robert:

Have obviously had the same problem as you, i.e. the quick connect fell off my OriginZ paddle too.

Now its getting to be season again here in Iceland and I've liked this paddle a lot so I'm looking for a spare part. Unfortunately these paddles are not sold in Iceland any more but I like mine a lot so learning about you solved the problem would be interesting.

Best Regards,

Valur Hreggvidsson