river runner that plays: I3 or Juice?

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Anyone paddled the I3 and / or Juice? I need to buy a river runner / work boat (instructing and guiding up to grade 3) but something that I can also play in would be nice. Or are these boats too small for rescue and safety and should I just get a GT instead? I'm a @!#$ playboater so mostly would want to surf and spin - not looking for air or anything fancy.

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The Liquis Logic L'il Joe and Hoss are here now. See Venture Out in Chch (130 Montreal St, ph 03-9631940).


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I3 rocks mate. I'm 90kgs & paddle the 223 (large) Go for one size up if you're not sure.

Spins, surfs well, and faaast for its length - like, ridiculously so. Ferrying over to a hole/wave I can end up too high if I'm not looking!

Can't throw ends in it yet (easy in the medium size), but that's just bad technique :)

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i have an I3 and use it for the exact purpose you are looking for. although you dont want to be rescuing to many 100kg paddlers

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Try these! there will be demo boats around the country in the next week, they are the newest 2004 design kick @!#$ river runners check them out on www.liquidlogickayaks.com