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OK who knows about the H3, is it a good boat for NZ.

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thanks guys for your words of wisdom

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Hey Cheese
Usual story different people will tell you different things about boats
I've got an H3 245 and rate it.
Fast, responsive, comfortable a real paddlers boat.
Pesonally I wouldn't mind a little more volume in the nose but it hasn't been an issue yet. I think it depends on how heavy you are and what sort of things you are running, if you're running really steep stuff you may be better in something with a bit more volume but for general NZ and West Coast runs it goes very well.

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Nah dude
Purchase a Huka from Bliss-stick, They are a machine !!!
have fun

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hey cheese dave richies got one and he rats it so does steve chap so give them a email they can fill u in