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Sorry for asking the same questions that every gumby asks when getting into kayaking but ..

looking at getting a boat for learning white water kayaking, surfing. Any advise on the Perception Method Air

I'm 5"8 (1.7m), 75 kg's

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Hey there

The Method air is a geat wee boat although admitedly I got mine mainly cos of the no deposit no interest deal while I was poor hard up student. I'm 6foot3 and weigh about 105 kg. I'm happy with mine on a not too technical grade3 but mainly got it for the surf. Being a bit lighter than me you'll find it fine on a river. I've got two other boats but small surf its lovely and big surf I want nothing else.
I don't want to do all the latest moves so the boat suits me. If that is your aim then consider something else.

I find my feet getting sore after about an hour unless its full on to keep the blood pumping. Price wise I prob wouldn't pay more now than 6-700 (you know, 1/2 what I paid).

Hope it helps.


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how much would you expect to pay for this kayak?, I've got a friend trying to sell me one but he's very dodgy. He said the big hole under my @!#$ would be like a bidet.

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Hey nothing wrong with being a gumby.

As far as boats go Donald is right - demo every boat you can. Think about what you'd like to do with it in the future and make sure that the boat is comfortable as you don't want a boat you have to get out of every 20 minutes just to get blood to your feet. Don't get stuck with an uncomfortable boat that does nothing and which you'll have problems selling later.

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Try before you buy anything it is the most important thing with WW kayaks there are a lot of really good boats and some suit some people and some do not.
The boat may be perfect for you maybe you could do a lot better it is a pretty obsolete boat now there are a lot more modern boats around even on the 2nd hand market.
You can get some exelent boats to get you started for under $1000 that you will not loose money on if you do decide it is not for you.