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Can anyone give us some ideas of good creek boats for women? Not looking at serious creeking at the moment but something suitable for grade 4 ish where a playboat might not be the best choice.


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First suggestion; don't listen to people sponsored by companies telling you that their companies boat is the only one (or guys!). Most girls are short through the body, so the biggest issue is with creek boats coming up under your armpits making it impossible to roll. Also being too light in a big volume boat makes a big difference. As a 5'7 chick, 60ish kgs, I liked the Prijon Creeker 225 & the H3 235 best for creeking, & for river running/creeking the Perception Java, & the Liquid Logic Lil' Joe. But, try them & make up your own mind. No matter what the performance, you have to be comfortable in the boat.

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Is a great creekboat for females. I've been paddling one for most of this year mostly class IV and easy class V - I love this boat. Check out reviews here:

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hey there,
I suggest you get yourself a Huka from Bliss-stick. This is a sweet boat and real forgiving. I know a girl who paddled one down some tricky water and was sweet and her skills werent evcen up to it and she did this loads of times. SO i reckon you should definatly get a Huka. And it will help u on your grade 4 and then when you progress to grade 5 type water you will be sweet.
Good luck finding the right kayak.

aaron.senior's picture

Rate the Micro 230, and Perception Java for smaller paddlers. These are more full on creek boats, but forgiving and will save you having to buy another boat when you feel you want to push it a little more, and you will already be comfortable in the boat. Good luck....good times

kayneo's picture

The new Liquid Logic Lil Joe or the Riot Sniper, Wavesport stubby for the cheaper option. All good boats and a little smaller for you ladies.

paddleman's picture

I rate the Bliss-stick Lifestyler. My girlfriend paddles one and so does another friend of hers. They can push them around the rapids a lots easier than some of the larger boats.Emma wrote: