some ideas on a suitable surf/riverboats

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Hi guys i know the general advise is try as many as possible but I'm on a budget so I'm looking at 2nd,3rd hand boats, that would suit a 6ft2in 84kg learner who wants to play in the surf and paddle rivers and generally gain expierance and find my style, I have done some grade 2 and surf I'm not a totall "unco" so some thing I won't grow out of too fast is what I'm looking for.
cheers for any advise.

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hey Toby, get your butt up to Daniels Reef (North of Auck) on a low tide, off shore, 1.5m swell and hit the left. Bring your camera cause the wave was made for kayaks. Very slow but tight barrel that fires off for about 20m and is makeable (25%) Another good spot is the southern bar at Aniwhenua beach (Auckland) low tide, 1m swell wind from the north east. You will make the first short barrel section (10m) and get nailed by the second, its 6 inches deep and throws 1m in a 1m swell.

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getting out of a barrel in a plastic kayak would be something to be very proud of. would love to see it happen, aswell as holding a rail and making sections on a wave in the surf.
dreams are free but strange how people talk like they do it all the time, must be some real legend surf boaters out there that havent quite made there fame yet.

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Thanks again for the imput guys,I agree with what you are saying Kayne'o it makes sence not to limit myself, Im gonna keep looking, Cheers.

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go for a FJ2 theyre sweet and cheap, or you could get a blitz for really cheap.
Word Mike

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An old style boat. Is good for a beginner but only for a very short time. If its cheap then it may be a good buy and will allow for a second boat in the garage after you have out grown/skilled the Whip. Make sure that it has a sound nose and if it has a nosecone check for cracks. They had a tendancy to be brittle and now the plastic will be even older.

I am of the opinion that it is better to start in a boat that may be just a LITTLE advanced and grow into it. Something a little newer school. At the beginings you have no idea if you want to play or just run rivers, so would it not make sense to have something that you can learn the basics of both???

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I have an opportunity to buy a perception whipit any thoughts on how suitable you think it may be for me?? {6ft 2in and 84kg beginner}

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With the Bliss Stick boats watch the nose. Some had a tendancy to split. Easy to weld but will be a weak point. Unsure with the Prijon boats but have seen splits in the hull and around the cockpit (But unusual) the good thing about the BS boats is that if there is a major issue the workshop is here in NZ and they are all to willing to fix a damaged or defective boat.

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Thanks for the responce guys!What should I expect to pay for these boats in reasonable condition? any things I should watch out for? {sam we've met,I will call the shop}

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Iv got a Delerium, email me if your keen

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Delerium is the shizzel mate, you'll find your style in this boat. It's not a boat for the whole family to paddle heaps of people dis it, but give it a bit of time get the feel of it and your soon be flying. Charges in the ocean if your that way inclined, haven't come out of a barrel i don't think theres to many plastic boats that would but definitly has a mean edge to carve on and to launch from. Pretty sweet river runner, nice and smooth. I'm 1.83m and 80kg and have no quarms in it. You'll get one cheap somewhere and won't grow out of it to fast as long as you'll not still getting bigger.

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Yeep I agree with the Freestyler as well. Has good hold in the barrel and enough speed to get around those crumbly sections and fire off the mad blunts on the lip.

Take one for a paddle and see!!

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i rate my freestyler from bliss-stick i got that second hand and its a good river runner for me and my stats are the same as you, i got it second hand and couldnt do much in it except spin on a wave but i learned pretty quick and can do quite a few tricks, its also longer than most and surfs a wave at the beach alongside the surfers.
its a bigger boat so you need the strength and technique to pull tricks off but when i hop into my mates smaller rodeo boats i show them up, cos i can do the tricks in a bigger boat it comes easily when your in one of the smaller playboats