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Any idea where i could find some pics of the river styx?

steve5's picture

Hey Sam,

I think your best bet is from someone who's filmed it on a digital vidcam and can email you some downloaded pic's.

If your wanting them to have a look and see whether you think your up to it my advice would be just to do it. The track you walk in on runs beside the river the whole way up so it's real easy to check out as you burn the calories lugging your boat (not a playboat I hope). As a general guide the river gets harder the further up you walk so it's just a metter of getting in at where you think your at.

The other benefit is if it gets too intense or the @!#$ hits the fan, just jump out onto the track to bail out. Make sure the river is up a little though otherwise the walk in ain't so worth it.

Happy Paddling.