advice on kayaks for a beginner 4 use in rivers( WW)and surf


hi im a 16 year old who is nearly 170cm and 55kg who has experience on a wave ski in surf but no experience in rivers(white water) who wants to get a 2nd/3rd hand kayak for these uses. i was wondering if anyone has any advice on which kayaks would be suitable. i am on a limited budget.

thanks heaps

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You sound about the same size as me, except I'm a bit heavier than you. There are stacks of boats out there that would be suitable (assuming you don't grow too much in a hurry). It is really a case of trying, & seeing what is comfy for you as everyone is different.
"Cheap" as you put it, is available, but the boats tend to be longer with a round bottom (@!#$ for surfing, especially if you have a waveski experience). Suitable boats would be from about $500-$800. Check out There are loads of good trade-ins there at the moment, with photos of most of the boats. The Ultrafuge, Luv, Samurai, Centrifuge, G-Force 5.9, Zip, Delirious would all be suitable. The Dominatrix's are great surf boats, but pretty edgy for learning river paddling. Trying them is really the best way.
Getting a flat bottom boat such as one of the abovementioned is great for surfing, & the learning curve is so much better on the river due to the responsiveness & playfulness of the boat.