Yeah, not used to having to lock my boat to the roof rack made me, on my first night in Rotorua, a victim of boat theft. I was gutted! The Lowlifes cut the straps and took my beloved Blitz Special without a blink of the eye! Bastards! So never got to paddle the kaituna again this trip, had to go and watch and drool while others paddled the cool green water in the hot sumer sun on January 17th. The great guys at Sunspots did offer to lend me a boat for the day but I had left my gear and left handed paddle in Rotorua. Thanks anyway guys, they put a notice and photo in there window too. So if anyone comes across a brick-red and black Blitz Special with pale blue foam seat padding, red airbags, blue drybag with first aid kit etc. Please contact me or the Rotorua police - and get some details of these scum if you can like a rego number.
My phone is 03 5468760 (Nelson) or 021 158 5024 Thanks fellow boaters, I would do the same for you.