Stolen RPM


Stolen Dagger RPM blue white & red USDAQU-90249-11-99 from Maori Hill Dunedin on Monday 9/3/04.
I would like it back preferably with selected body parts of theif.
Please keep a look out for it.

Thanks Ian

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Hey Ian Bear, I was kind of hoping you wouldn't get it back so that you couldn't hog all the waves doing that old school style surfing with no tricks!! Cheers from the Okker in Australia.

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Hi Everyone

Thanks to all of you for looking for my RPM. Lots of people have been on the look-out and I have had calls from as far away as the Taihape Police station where they followed up a lead from Graeme McIntyre but found that the boat was not mine.
OCKC member Leigh Morris found the boat and it was a pretty good effort as it was well hidden in the back of the Dunedin Police station where it has been since the day after I reported it stolen!!!!!.
Maybe someone there would have linked my being robbed of a red, white and blue kayak (I gave them a photo & the serial number) with the large thing that took up so much room in their storeroom. Or maybe the word Dagger on it and one end being blood red, they were looking for a murder victim. They may get their murder victim as, after nearly a month, I had given up hope and replaced it. Anne will soon work out that I don't need a new boat now. I am sure it will end in tears: MINE.
Thanks again for all the support.