Other NZ guide books?


Are there any other white water guide books for nz besides Grahm Charles' New Zealand Whitewater 125 Great kayaking runs? I have seen lots of other river so fare but don't have any beta on them.

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It would be great if you could add your specific feedback regarding the guide to http://www.rivers.org.nz/nzww/errata.php


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I think the guidebook is pretty shockingly bad actually and so do almost all the kayakers i know!! It generally is useful for directions (although sometimes even those are sketchy) but otherwise its pants. Too much waffle about nothing, @!#$ descriptions and many omissions - some very hazardous such as mineshafts on the rivers bank or a dam which could release 80 cumecs down a grade 5 creek at any time (The Cobb). If i was over here long enough I would probably consider writing a new one to contend it! And i know many people who'd buy it...

Just my opinion at the end of the day...

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There are older books (e.g. Graham Egarr's books), but they are mostly out of date and there isn't anything as comprehensive as Graham's book. My advice is to buy topo maps, talk to local paddlers, and have fun exploring. Kayaking can be all the more enjoyable if you have "discovered" a river yourself.